One of the newest and biggest programs for those affected by Parkinson’s. Offered for short term rehabilitation and out patient service. Give us a call!

Jamilia Terkman, Director of Rehab/Tara Therapy of Jefferson City announces that therapists have now been certified in LSVT Big and Loud therapy program. BIG and LOUD is a relatively new approach to treatment of Parkinbson’s disease.

The BIG therapy program is standardized exercise approach that has shown documented improvements in balance, trunk rotation and faster walking with bigger steps. It uses exaggerated movements to train patients to make bigger movements and teaches the amount of effort required to produce normal movements in real world everyday activities. BIG helps Parkinson’s patients to move in ways that help block or overcome characteristics that typically come with the disease.

While the BIG program addresses limb movement the other portion of the program, known as LOUD, helps train patients to monitor and control the volume of their voice. One of the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s is having a soft voice. Their perception of loudness becomes impaired. They think they’re talking a lot louder than they really are. It has been found that by doing this program the patient’s speech becomes clearer, voice quality is improved, swallowing is improved and patients have reported improved memory.

“We are so happy to be able to offer this innovative therapy program” says Jamilia. “Not only are we able to offer it to our long and short term rehab guests, we are now able to offer it to people in the community that are affected by Parkinson’s with our new Outpatient therapy.”

For further information on the program or to inquire into beginning Outpatient therapy, please call the facility at 573.635.3131 and ask for the Therapy Department.